These new paintings of local Chamonix alpine regions celebrate the splendor and magnitude of huge peaks, often seeking to capture precious and fleeting moments in time, when the light is magnificent just before it fades.  The compositions are based from vantage points that offer a dynamic combination of elements, instilling a sense of presence within the scene.  Both colorful and lighthearted, this new series reflects the artist’s joy within the alpine environment.  Avoiding strict, technically exact renditions of her subject matter, these paintings seek a more dreamlike presentation, focusing on bold compositions, color juxtapositions, and patterns of elements within each scene.

Several paintings feature glaciers on the precipice of decline, paying homage to the titanic forces that have shaped and defined this region, and which provide the foundation for many alpine pursuits.  In these paintings, elements merge together, while others emerge – the voluminous clouds descend into the glacial ice, while jagged ridges cut upwards through the mist.  Other paintings portray the mountain culture and lifestyle of the Chamonix valley, depicting village scenes, the ambiance and architecture that are so loved by residents and visitors alike.

“Alpes du Tour”                      
61x82cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022
€ 1500

Les Chalets d’Ayeres             
56x84cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   
€ 1400
Roses de la Mer de Glace
61x71cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022
Merge/Emerge, Taconnaz Glacier
60x71cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   
€ 1280

La Mer de Glace Descend
61x61cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   
€ 1100
Un Moment du Bossons Glacier
56x76cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   
€ 1280
Arete de Aiguilles de Midi
50x70cm, Oil on Canvas, 2019   
€ 1050

Le Refuge du Lac Blanc
40x50cm, Oil on Canvas, 2019   
Éléments de Roche et de Ciel
40x50cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   
€ 600
Vue Depuis le Signal Forbes
40x40cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   

Reflet du Lac Blanc
40x40cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   
€ 480
Reflet du Lac Gaillands
30x30cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022   
Petit Sentier Alpin
30x30cm, Oil on Canvas, 2019   

Gloire d’Automne
40x40cm, Oil on Canvas, 2019   
Mont Blanc from Le Tour
24x30cm, Oil on Canvas, 2019
€ 220

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